Monday, June 23, 2014

Mobile Attendee Management ~ Death of the Binder!

I just returned back to my office a few weeks ago from attending a major tradeshow for event planners; this was my first time at the event so I was prepared, extra bag to pack materials I received and any other items the conference was supplying.

The week before we were sent an email to download the mobile event app and we were told when it would go live. Now as a planner I have managed them for my client but this was the first time using as an attendee. It was great! Within the event app I had my scheduled, map, speaker information and social media feeds at my finger tips and to top it off I did not have to take one piece of paper; all I had to do was scan the suppliers barcode and presto I had access to their information.

Well; over the past few months I have been discussing the benefits of Mobile apps and how they can increase efficiency, productivity as well as improve the overall bottom line.

That is where Mobile Attendee Management comes into play! By getting rid of heavy three ring binders and folders crammed with all of your event information. By using Active Network’s mobile event app your attendees can now can easily access all event information from your mobile device or tablet and your make quick updates wherever and whenever you need to. You can also easily handle registration and session check-ins

Embracing mobile event apps will not only allow you get relevant real time information to attendees, but it will also allow you save money by not having to print and ship materials to your destinations, allowing the event manager to make changes to materials quickly and efficiently without having to reprint materials. Also this helps build a reputation of implementing green practices and protocols.

  • Environmentally friendly - not only are you saving trees, but less paper is less pollution
  • Saves space – reduce storage for collateral
  • Easy access – can be accessed from anywhere
  • Reduces Cost of Printing & Shipping of materials
  • Reduces Stress – you no longer have to worry about possible shipping delays or last minute edits to materials

To get more information on how mobile apps can work for your event; go to ACTIVE Network Business Solutions’ website, today and download the entire Mobile Playbook for free.

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