Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Give Me What I Asked For & How I Asked For It!

Being an event planner, designer & manager for the past twenty years you come to realize all the small details that come together to make an event a successful one. Over the years technology has made a lot of our day to day easier; but it has also made it harder. 

How you say? People have become lazy and complacent and no longer pay attention to the minute details that are needed to make the process smoother.

Which leads into my main pet peeve within my industry: Suppliers not paying attention to what is sent to them.

Scenario: I have just landed a new client; I am now sourcing for a venue and other items for their event. I create a detailed RFP (Request for Proposal) with every possible thing the client may need and finally how to contact me. I’m specific with my contact instructions; “after your review of the proposal should you have any questions or would like to set a time to speak please email me at (email address)”. That should be it right; wrong! Within hours of hitting the submit button I am receiving phone calls left and right saying they received my proposal and would like to speak with me regarding my needs. After speaking with a salesperson I realize that they have never read the event specifications that I have sent them.

Most suppliers don’t realize that I just mark you off my list and keep it moving; because if you can’t be bothered to follow details prior to an event; I am not convinced that you will follow them during my client’s event and that is not a chance I’m willing to take.

 I sent a request to your company because my client was interested in utilizing your services; so help me help you, please, please, please give me what I asked for and how I asked for it!!!


  1. Reading seems to be a lost practice, most people skim and react as opposed to really reading. I'm like you, if I took the time to spell it all out then please take time to read it.

  2. I HEART this post! Main point: Give me what I WANT, or I'll K.I.M [Keep It Moving!]. Good job :)



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