Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mobile Event Apps are here to Stay!!

Mobile apps are not simply attractive tools to make a meeting or conference seem forward-thinking, but are real value enhancers that attendees are becoming more accustomed to using because they are using apps in their daily lives. So when you are considering whether or not an app is the right fit for you, don't be afraid to think outside of the industry for examples and confirmation of their benefit.

How many apps do you have loaded on your phone? How do they make your life easier and what features do you see in consumer apps that might translate to an event app?

Mobile technology allows event organizers not only to push information out to attendees, but also to listen to attendees to help them craft their programs on the front end, as well as make adjustments during the event to provide more value.

If you are still wondering about how to use mobile event apps for your event;  here are a few tips from Active Network’s  case study 20 Ways to Use a Mobile App for Events: Before, During & After ~ to help you to started:

Using mobile event apps before your event:
  1. Encourage attendees to view session and speaker information online.
  2. Promote the mobile event app often and early to encourage downloads and access.

And during the event:
  1. Easily provide information in the palm of their hand – sessions, speakers, maps, personalized schedules, etc.
  2. Push real-time updates and announcements, e.g. changes in schedule, news, bus schedules, etc.

Then after the event:
  1. Post presentations, Q&A transcripts and other content from sessions.
  2. Load ad more video snippets from sessions – or “behind the scenes” speaker interviews.

To get more information on how mobile apps can work for your event; go to ACTIVE Network Business Solutions’ website, today and download the entire Mobile Playbook for free.

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