Wednesday, February 12, 2014

eRFP to the Rescue ~ Hotel & Venue Sourcing made Easy

RFP's Should be SIMPLE!

eRFP, what is that??? If you have been in the meeting and event planning industry for longer than 10 years, you remember how we used to source and track RFP’s when we were looking to set up an event. Are you still using Email and Excel spreadsheets to send and managing your event RFP’s? Well if you are it’s time to move into the new way to search and source your venues.

eRFP to the Rescue!!! ACTIVE Network and i-Meet conducted a survey of event planners to get a feel on the frustrations that your fellow planners have when trying to set up an event; and the results have been complied and published in an article titled “What RFP’s Mean to SMBs: Turning Headaches into Solutions for Planners”.

As a planner like to handle all the aspects of setting up and managing an event for my client, but the having to work through various tools, is complicated, time consuming and draining. So your question is “Does such a tool exist?” Why yes it does; Active Regonline’s has completely overhauled and redesigned their software adding a robust and expansive Hotel & Venue search feature to it; now you can search, review and source a venue in one location without having to leave the event portal. Active RegOnline has created a datasheet on Hotel & Venue Sourcing; it’s a quick cheat sheet on how you can use the feature.

The Hotel & Venue Sourcing tools offers the following:

  • A single location to source and track your eRFP’s
  • An easy to use eRFP Wizard
  • Access to ACTIVE Network’s Global network that includes expansive hotel & venue locations in more than 200 countries.
  • Free specialist support for planners who want and/or need assistance during the planning process

Want to see what all the talk is about; visit ACTIVE RegOnline and try it out for yourself for free! This web-based application has no set up costs, no software to install, and no contracts to sign. With RegOnline your event will be up and running in no-time!

RegOnline offers best-in-class Online Event Registration Software and Event Management Software. Turn your next conference, meeting or trade show into a huge success. Event management software includes online registration forms, event websites, badges, event marketing, credit card processing and so much more.

Juanita E. Gaynor (

President & CEO

Ellegant Affairs by Juanita ( is the worldwide business community for people who plan meetings and events. With over 111,000 members in 175 countries, i-Meet brings professional networking, online marketing, and social tools to create awareness and a voice for the industry.

I’ve Been There is a travel history and sharing application for planners and enthusiasts.

Active Network, The New ACTIVE RegOnlineTM is Here!

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