Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Your Career or Your Wedding

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Your Career or Your Wedding
By Sharon Patrice of Simply Perfect Peace Events

Everyone knows that planning an event of any size can be an overwhelming task when you don't have the TIME to dedicate to it. Wedding professionals estimate that planning a wedding can take 250+ hours, therefore, life as a bride-to-be is overwhelming on steroids. From flowers to what should you give out as favors depend on your nah or yah. What am I saying? Planning a wedding can be a full time job, and if you´re already a busy professional, guess what? Your work week doubled before you put the S on the Y.E (yes). Now the question is how to balance your professional and personal life while keeping your sanity.

This is the best way to avoid headaches. Having an appointment book is essential in organizing your work and personal life. Now you can see every appointment for the day, week or month. Create a wedding checklist you can stick to and use this same method for your work day.

Now & Later
Asking your boss to hold while you speak with your florist is probably a bad idea. Instead, divide your day into time slots (as indicated in your planner) and have work slots and wedding slots. Be firm with yourself and don't let one flow over into the other; this will do nothing but slow you down and add to your frustration. Use your lunch and breaks wisely! Consider arriving early or staying late so that productivity isn't jeopardized.

All Work No Play
So the statement of "work hard, play harder" is out the door for YOU! Use that "play" time to knock off some things from your to-do-list. Those times when you'd be relaxing on the couch catching up on your DVR - addressing save the dates can done without missing a beat.

Get Some Help
Delegate, delegate, delegate. Since you're sharing this moment with someone else, divide wedding planning tasks evenly between you and your fiancĂ©. After that, take it a step further by giving small tasks to immediate family members or bridal attendants (small – don´t turn friends into full time wedding planners, they'll resent you later). Finally - consider hiring a professional.

Enjoy the process ~Peaceful Planning

Sharon Patrice is the Owner and Lead Consultant of SimplyPerfect Peace Events. She invites your contact at or via Twitter at DesignsByShay Facebook at Simply Perfect Peace Events. Her personal blog is DesignsByShay

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